Sale! Disney, Marvel, Star War & Hello Kitty Kids Murals
Disney, Marvel, Star War & Hello Kitty Kids Murals
Latest Disney, Marvel Avengers, Star War, Hello Kitty Kids Murals & more. 100+ latest designs in brighten up your children room & they will definitely be jumping with joy. A perfect mural design to brighten up your kid’s study room or bedroom. You can find Mural from Disney Fairies, Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse & Friends, Doc McStuffins, Monster Inc, Hello Kitty, Disney Cars, Disney Planes, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Winnie the Pooh & Friends, Big Hero 6, Toy story, Marvel Avenger, Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Star Wars & more. Not to worry if you can’t find the perfect design for your home as we still have 30 millions of high resolution photos in our hard-disk & website for you to choose from our lower delta store. Visit us today and you will be surprised with our huge selection of murals. Korean WP is the authorized distributor of Disney, Marvel, Hello Kitty Murals in Singapore. These mural are only available in L sizes & please note that there might be slight differences with monitor & actual color of products. Please feel free to call us at 62705922 for a free quotation or to visit our store now. – All these designs will comes in Large size ( 3.68m Width x 2.54m Height ) - Some will be available in M size as well - ( 2.54m Width x 1.84m Height ) – Custom-made using high resolution photos and premium material. – Direct import from Europe & delivery within 21 – 30 working days. – Please note that there could be slight differences with monitor & actual color of products. – Price quote is only for wallpaper and we do provide professional wallpaper installation services as well for extra $120. (+65) 6270-5922 For online purchase Please add the quantity you wish to purchase to cart and check out. Remember to write the model number your wish to purchase in order note. We will be calling you to confirm your order & arrange an installation date for you too. [gallery columns="5" size="medium" ids="9995,10061,14517,9991,14504,9988,9989,9990,14813,14812,14811,9992,9993,9994,9936,10060,9937,9997,9996,9987,9986,9985,9980,9981,9982,9983,9984,9979,9978,9977,9976,9974,9973,14528,9975,9971,9972,9969,9970,9968,9960,9963,9959,9957,9958,9961,9964,9962,9967,9966,9965,9956,9955,9954,9953,9947,9952,9951,9950,9949,9948,9946,9945,9944,9943,9942,9941,9940,9939,14526,14533,14534,14535,14536,14537,14538,14539,14540,14541,14542,14543,14544,14545,14546,14547,14548,14549,14550,14551,14552,14553,14554,14555,14556,14557,14558,14559,14560,14807,14808,14809,14814,14561,14562,14563,14564,14594,14595,14565,14566,14567,14810"]
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