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Singapore Wallpaper installer
Singapore Wallpaper installer – Question and Answers for Wallpapers

These are the lists of our most commonly ask Question and Answers for Wallpapers.

1. What is the measurement of your Korean wallpaper per roll? 
Our Korean wallpaper measure either
– 1.05m width x 15.5m length (Majority) or 0.93m width x 17.75m length for Duplex Wallpaper.

2. How much area can 1 roll cover? 
1 Roll of wallpaper can covers up to 12.5 square meters of space. It will be 4.5m width by 2.7m height for normal HDB houses & 4m width by 3.1m height for condominium. Please refer to Wallpaper calculation for formula & to calculate the number of wallpaper rolls needed for your wall.

3. How much is your mural & wallpaper per roll? Price inclusive of installation? 
a) We offer Large Premium Korean Wallpapers for a special promotion price of $150 per roll for ready stocks (A min order of 2 rolls is necessary to Pre-order).
b) Our murals are all custom-made designs with price starting from $450 depending on the length of your wall ranging from 2 meters, 3 meters to 10 meters wall. There will be additional $120 for mural installation. It will be cheaper if you order wallpaper from us as well. We provide up to 40 millions of High Res Photos for you to customize your wall mural.
d) Register as our agents & get additional discount of 10% off – only for Contractors / Interior Designer firms.

4. Do you provide wallpaper installation as well?
Yes, we provide professional Singapore Wallpaper installers ( min 5 years experience ) to you at special price of $50 – $120 per roll. Depend on the number of rolls as follows;
– $120 per roll for just 1 roll.
– $100 per roll for 2 rolls & more.
– $90 per roll for 11 rolls & more

– $50 to $80 per roll for smaller rolls 0.53m x 10m. (Depending on the number of rolls)

* We provide installation for Self Adhesive Wall Stickers & Wall Decals too. Please call us for a quotation.

5. Do you provide Wallpaper Removal?
Yes, we provide wallpaper removal depending on the number of rolls.

6. Are you able to do installation for Ceiling, Staircases & High walls especially landed houses (above 3.3 meters)
Yes, our installers are well-trained to install ceiling, staircases & high walls above 3.3 meters but will be charging double at $180 – $200 per roll as more installers are needed to assist in the installation work. Scaffolding (customer must provide themselves) is also needed to install high walls especially for very high landed houses.

7. Do you have ready stock for these wallpapers or need to pre-order them? Any express delivery available?
We classified our wallpaper in 3 categories as follows;
a) We hold the largest wallpaper ready stock here in Singapore at our lower delta store & customer can just drop by to pick them up at $150 per roll. Ready to install anytime within 1-2 Weeks.

b) 1 Week Express delivery – We offered Express delivery for our 20 latest albums (3000+ designs) as we have ready stock in Korea. They are ready to courier to Singapore within 1 week. Please note that the cut off date is every Thursday before 5pm & will arrive Singapore by the following Thursday. View our list of 20 albums here.

c) Wallpaper Pre-order – We can pre-order ANY Korean Wallpaper for you (From 100+ albums as long as they are from Korea) and will arrive Singapore within 2-3 weeks.

Wallpaper Removal, paint sealer
Wall after wallpaper removal without sealer
Wallpaper Removal, paint sealer
Wall after wallpaper removal without sealer

8. Do you provide painting of wall sealer or sealant? Is it necessary for wallpaper to have sealer?
a) Painting of sealer or sealant is available for a special price as below;
– $80 per roll for just 1 roll.
– $60 per roll for 2 to 4 rolls.
– $40 per roll for 5 – 10 rolls &
– $30 per roll for 11 rolls or more.

b) Sealer contains blend of solvents that enables it to penetrate deeply and gives a very firm base. They are effective in preventing the degradation of finishing coats by alkaline surfaces & stops liquid water from entering the surface. It is advisable to use sealer especially for very new houses. It can also protect both your wall / wallpapers and make them last much longer.

These 2 photos on the right is a real example of a new HDB flat in Punggol without sealer painting. All the paint drop off immediately after wallpaper removal & customer might have to spend a lot more to putty or touch up the wall before new wallpaper installation.


9. How comparable are Korean Wallpaper against the rest from China, Japan or Europe & how long can Korean wallpaper last?
Korean wallpaper are considered one of the best in the world now even though they only have a short history of less than 10 years. Korea companies have invested heavily into their research & development over the years & is currently the market leader for wallpapers. Their Eco-friendly technology and top-quality products have won lots of awards & recognition over these last 5 years. Nevertheless, Korean wallpapers are
a) 3x more durable & thicker than any other wallpapers in the market. Able to last longer up to 10 years.
b) much longer with 1.06 meters of width, which creates lesser jointing lines on your wall. In return, your wall will look much nicer.
c) much cheaper than European wallpaper.
d) Millions of Premium designs to choose from. Ranging from your favorite children’s character wallpapers (like Disney, Hello Kitty, Warner brothers & more), 3D bricks and stones effect, Victorian, Modern, Nature wallpaper, murals & much more. You can definitely find a perfect design to style your home, shop and office.
e) Eco-friendly & only use organic materials. It will be great especially if you have kids or children at home.

10. How to maintain & take care of my wallpapers?
Direct sunlight, contact with water, pencil / inks drawing & shifting of huge items especially with sharp edges, these are some of the most common fears for wallpapers. Please try to avoid them at all costs. You can use a feather duster to gently clean the surface of the wallpaper.

11. How long can Korean wallpapers last?
Korean wallpaper can last for a long period of 5 to 10 years if they are properly maintained. Moreover, it is quite usual for customer to change to a new style or design after 5 years too.

12. Any Warranty after wallpaper installation?
Yes, we provide full 6 months warranty for any bubbles & peeling of wallpaper. Please note that warranty does not cover Self-inflicted damages, Air-con leakages, Moldy Wall or any damages not done by us. Moreover, we can still provide touch up of your wallpaper after warranty period for a minimum transportation fees of $80.

13. Can do it yourself (DIY) & install these Korean Wallpaper by our own self?
It is definitely not advisable if you have not seen how to install it before. Wallpaper are not cheap & we won’t want you to waste your money. If you know how to do it, you can definitely install it yourself at your own risk. Moreover, we have wallpaper DIY guide to assist you as well. Wallpaper paste are available for $25 a tin too.

14. Do you have a store for us to view the sample or catalogs?
Yes. You can shop anytime from our online website or visit our store which is located at 1093 Lower Delta Road, #07-11, Singapore 169204 (near Tiong Bahru MRT station). We are open Monday – Saturday, 10am to 6pm but Sat is strictly by appointment basis only. Store closed on Sunday & Public holiday.

We have the largest Korean Wallpaper collection in Singapore with 40 latest albums (5000+ designs) for you to choose from. Plus we can pre-order ANY Korean Wallpaper (from 100+ albums) for you as long as they are from Korea.

15. How to improved the joint for coming out after long term?
Customer can apply white or clear silicone paste (depend on the colour of your wallpaper) on the side of the joint to further improve it. Alternatively, you can also use super glue or purchase wallpaper glue to patch up the joints if they come out after few years.

We update our Q&A very regularly. If you still can’t find your answer, please post your question in the comment below & we will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you.


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