Singapore Wallpaper DIY Installation

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Steps by steps to Singapore Wallpaper DIY installation

Wallpaper DIY
Singapore Wallpaper DIY


















1. Preparation – You have to prepare all these necessary tools below before you start the installation

wallpaper paste, wallpaper glue
Extra Strength wallpaper paste for PVC/Vinyl Wallpaper @ $25 per tin. Read Description

– Wallpaper Paste or Glue ( Buy Extra strength Wallpaper Paste @ $25 per tin )
– Paint roller
– sharp pen knife
– Sponge & bucket of water
– Plastic smoother
– Measuring tape
– Pencil
– Step ladder
– Dry cloth

Check the condition of your wall to make sure they are free of dirty particles or paints. Use a brush to dust them off or sand paper to sand it smooth before you start installation.

2. Measure and Marking the walls
Use ladder, measuring tape and pencil to mark where you want to paste these wallpapers and make sure that they are paste in straight line.

3. Cut and match the wallpaper
If you are going to wallpaper the whole wall, make sure you take correct measurement of the height & length of the wall. Our Korean wallpaper are measure by size 1.06m x 15.6m and you can cut them into 4-5 equal strips depending on the height of your wall. Good example of HDB flats in Singapore, they are build with a maximum height of 2.7 metres. Which means you can cut them into 5 vertical strips of 3.1 metres each.

Arrange these 5 wallpaper strips side by side on the floor to ensure that the pattern and lines are correct and match nicely. For beginner, you can gently tape them together with tapes to temporarily secure them.

4. Apply glue thinly and evenly ( Recommend Extra strength Wallpaper Paste @ $25 per tin )
Pour your wallpaper glue into a paint roller tray and use a small paint roller to spread the glue evenly on the back of the wallpaper. Make sure the glue is spread thinly on the whole wallpaper so as to avoid peeling issues with too much or too little glue being used.

5. Strip by strip installation
Apply one strip at a time and use your plastic smoother to smooth out the wallpaper evenly starting from top down and then centre outward. Always allow the bottom of the paper to fall at its own weight and make sure you smooth out all the air bubble inside. Wash off any excess glue with a damp sponge and continue to smooth the wallpaper. Trim the top and bottom edge of the paper with sharp pen knife to ensure a proper fit. Then continue the next strip of paper in this same manner.

6. Final Touch up
The side-by-side seams strips should butt against one another and not overlapping.  You should use a regular wallpaper roller to make sure these seams lie flat. Final check to ensure all wallpapers and seams are smooth out. Rinse everything with a damp sponge before the paste dries and clear off any moisture with dry cloth.

These 6 steps procedure are brought to you by & we hope it will help you in your wallpaper DIY. If you have any wonderful experience or unsuccessful ones, we would like to hear from you too. Please feel free to comment or leave your feedback below. Thank you


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6 Responses

  1. Hello , do you sell tins of extra strength wallpaper paste? How do I know how much to spread on the paper. Or can the paste be rolled directly on wall for easier application? Thank you

    • Hi Alan,
      We run out of wallpaper paste at this moment & stocks will arrive 24 Mar onwards. 1 tin can cover 1.5 big roll. Thanks

  2. Must the old paintwork be scraped off before applying the wallpaper?

    • Hi Ethan,
      Really have to depend on the condition of your old paintwork. The wall needs to be in smooth condition in order to install wallpaper. You can take a few pictures of your wall & show them to us when you choose your wallpaper. We will advice you accordingly. See you soon.

  3. Hi, how long will it take to order the wallpaper? Thanks

    • Hi Habs,
      We have 2000+ ready stock. Please visit our lower Delta store to select your wallpaper & we can do the installation for you immediately. See you soon.

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