Wallpaper Calculation

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Wallpaper Calculation
( To determine the number of wallpaper rolls you need? )

1 roll covers 12.5 m², wallpaper calculation
1 roll covers 12.5 m²
Wallpaper calculator, wallpaper measurement
How to get your Wallpaper measurement? ( Width x Height )

1. Types of Korean Wallpaper

Our Korean wallpapers measure either
– 1.06m x 15.5m or
– 0.93m x 17.75m

1 Roll of wallpaper can covers up to 12.5 square meters of space.


2. Formula ( Measurement in meters )
Measure the width & height of your wall first, then multiple them together to determine the total square meter needed for your wall. You will need just 1 roll of wallpaper if the calculation is not more than 12.5 m². If it is more than 12.5 m², you will need 2 rolls or more.

Example 1 –
Wall is 6m (W) x 3m (H) = 18 m²
18  /  12.5 = 1.44   ( You will need 2 rolls )

Example 2 –
Wall is 9.5m (W) x 2.7m (H) = 25.65 m²
25.65  /  12.5 = 2.052   ( You will need 3 rolls )


You can add up the measurement for 2 or more walls Only if they are all using the same wallpaper design.

Example 3 –
Wall 1 is 5.5m (W) x 3m (H) = 16.5 m²
Wall 2 is 3.5m (W) x 2.8m (H) = 9.8 m²
Wall 3 is 3m (W) x 3m (H) = 9 m²
Total – 16.5 + 9.8 + 9  =  35.3 m²
35.3  /  12.5 = 2.824   ( You will need 3 rolls )

You will have to take each individual measurement, if you are using different wallpaper design for each wall.


3. Take Measurement ( width & height including all windows & doors )
Please measure your doors & windows as well so that you will not get caught running out of wallpaper during installation.

Wallpaper calculator, wallpaper measurement
Take wallpaper measurement including doors & windows ( Width x Height )

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8 Responses

  1. Hi KW
    I am looking for sky/ natural cloud ceiling wallpaper 2.3m x 3.4m. Request your quotation for consideration? Does it include installation?


    • Hi Val,
      You need just 1 roll of wallpaper. Please call us at 62705922 in order for us to advice you accordingly. Thanks

  2. Jennifer Lim


    I am looking for wallpaper 3m x 3m. Can I have the quotation? Does it include installation?


    • Hi Jennifer,
      You need 1 roll. Price will be $270 with installation only if you choose from our 2000+ ready stocks. Please call us at 62705922 for an appointment & visit our lower delta store to choose your wallpaper. See you soon.

  3. kelvin

    i will like to do up my room 1no wall at my bedhead

    i have done a measurement which is 13f by 7 ft

    how many rolls do i need to purchase and also need installation done by you guys


    • You need 1 roll. Please visit our lower delta store to choose your wallpaper. Thanks

  4. Hi,
    I’m intending to install murals and wallpaper on these 3x walls only.

    1. Wall 1 – Length: 206cm Height: 232cm (Mural)
    2. Wall 3 – Length: 390cm Height: 190cm (Mural)

    3. Wall 4 – Length: 249cm Height: 250cm (Wallpaper)

    Hope to get a reasonable quote to consider.


    • Hi Kamil,
      We have emailed the quotation to you. Please check & rem to check your spam or junk folder too. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

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